Friday, January 22, 2010

Baking Bread

One of the things that we are doing to help with the budget crunch is bake bread!!
It is so much more cost effective to bake bread for my family of 7, than it is to purchase bread!

I had first started baking bread when I found I was using her 'family bread' recipe. I really did enjoy the process from start to finish! I loved the fact that when I was done I would have 3 loaves of bread.

However, I found that I did not always have the time to commit to the whole processof baking bread. So, we purchased a bread machine. We have used the macine on and off over the years. However, we have used it so much, that it has already paid for itself. When we are using it, I crank out at least one loaf of bread a day.

However, we are currently on a tighter budget than we have ever been our entire married life. While there were times we made less, we had fewer children at that time.

So today when it comes to the bread machine, we are using it, almost non stop. We are making pizza dough! My teenagers LOVE this, and they do nto feel deprived AT ALL!! We are making bread as mentioned, one to two loaves a day.

For Thanksgiving I tried the dinner rolls recipe, and they were fab!!!! So, I have been making those as well. My friend clued me in, that I can make the dough, and form the rolls, and before they rise, place them n the freezer. Once they are frozen you can then put them in freezer bags. Say you would like the rolls for Sunday dinner. You can pull them out before church, lay a towel over them. While you are gone, they will thaw and rise, and when you get home all you will have to do is pop them in the oven! Great time saving trick!!

We have also tried the sweet rolls, which are much like sticky buns, we make corn bread and even home made jelly!

Even if you do not have a bread machine, check out hillbilly housewife, she will teach you how to make bread! And your family will enjoy your labors! Both at meal times and in your pocket book!!!


  1. I make gluten free bread, so the process doesn't take nearly as long. I was using my bread machine all of the time. I've now switched to using my mixer and baking in the oven. I still use the bread machine, but not nearly as often.

  2. I have not checked out hillbilly housewife's bread stuff... I need to do that. We, also, are making pretty extensive use of our bread machine lately. I was considering pizza for tonight in fact... thanks for the reminder to get that going.

  3. I was thinking of bringing out my bread maker again. Decent bread at the store is just so expensive anymore. We have been on an extremely tight budget for 6 years now. I do love the hillbilly housewife website.

  4. We LOVE homemade bread at our house, even if it didn't save us money! I miss having my bread machine during this transition. At least I found the nearby Costco has okay bread that costs about $1.55 per loaf. Just not as good as what we typically make. And, I'll try not to think of how much better homemade pizza tastes when we're eating one from Costco later.