Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enjoying Vacation

Our homeschool group scheduled several days of field trips in San Diego. This is not the first time our group has done that. However, this has been the first year that our family has taken part. We came down a couple days before
and are staying a few days after.

We visited our Pastor's brothers church, who is also a Pastor. That is the picture you see posted here in the corner. That was fun! We had heard his brother preach at our church, so it was neat to come visit him at his church.

Later that day we got together with some friends we hadn't seen in years! Had dinner and played games! It was great to visit our friend, and get to know his wife and children!

And then onto our busy week! Our first day we only had one scheduled field trip. That was to the ICR Creation Museum. What an awesome trip!

We were taken on a docent led tour of the museum! This was amazing! It is a small museum, however, when you are on a guided tour, we stopped in each room, and the docent expanded on what we were seeing and asked questions to spark conversation, as well as, answering our questions along the way! The best part of this trip was that is was based on God's Word! You can never go wrong when you are leaning on His Word! The photo you see here, is of the kids 'cuddling with cuddles' the snake.

After we finished up with the Creation Museum and finished up our lunch! We headed over to the Aerospace Museum. Not the main museum that is located in Balboa Park,but one in El Cajon,
it is free and a bit of a bone yard and work shop. When walked up, it was a bit hard to see what was there.. well, we could clearly see there were planes, but what were they? Where did they come from? And then coming from a door inside the workshop, came Ken, volunteer with the museum. He offered to show us all the 'cool stuff'! And that he did! For the next hour and a half he took us from plane to plane and gave us the history of the planes! It was amazing! SInce my dad worked for Lockheed my whole life, I think I am a bit partial to aerospace! Here is a picture of us in front of a Harrier Jet.. WAY COOL!

That evening we thought we would explore the world outisde our hotel room... our hotel is neslted inside a quaint little area known as Little Italy, in downtown San Diego. We were able to snap this while on our little walk.. and this helped us decide what we will be doing tomorrow.. riding the light rail way!

That was the end of two jam packed days of our vacation.. and there is moe to come!!
Yesterday we had a great day planned! We started at the San Diego Museum of Art, located in the historic Balboa Park. I really enjoyed this trip! We again had a docent led tour. She did a great job engaging all the students.. even the parents (adult students)! I could have continued walking around the museum with her all day! But alas... our next stop was highly anticipated!

And that is our trip to Midway. The USS Midway Naval Carrier Museum. All I have to say is Awesome! It was really neat. There was not one single area that was disapointing! One really neat thing, is that there are veterans throughout who share with you not only their knowledge of the Midway, but also their personal service stroies!
On the flight deck, we were able to tour all the planes, and some we were able to board! It was really neat! We also toured the admiral and captains quarters... One of the really neat tours was the island tour. Which was tours of the bridge, tower and the navigation room. We were amazed by all
the ladders we had to climb and descend to get to the different areas of the carrier. It was also really eye opening to see how the enlisted men had to live on the carrier. Knowing they were out to sea for months at a time. It helped my children to appreciate what they have, when they saw the small sleeping racks, and the limited space for their belongings. All in all, it was a truly amazing trip!

Lest I forget... on the USS Midway, they have a special place for naughty children... or parents......

We are looking forward to what tomorrow will hold! In case I have neglected to mention.. I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!!!!!


  1. Wow - looks like an amazing couple days of field trips! You have a beautiful family, Jennifer!

  2. Thanks Heidi! We have had a wonderful time! This has been something I have dreamt about doing for several years, so I am very thankful that we actually were able to do it! Thank you for the compliment about my family. I feel very very blessed!

  3. They there, love the blog!! You have a beautiful family. I'm so glad I found you, I'll be back soon!!

  4. Hey Tori!!! How great it is to see you here!!
    You might want to check out my other blog, it is where I post most often..
    Hope to see you again soon!