Friday, March 26, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This year we are planting our first garden. I have been so very thankful for my teen aged boys! Then have given of their time and their energy and strength! Our soil is full of roots, they got out the pick axe and broke up that soil for me!

I have been battling my health. I have iron deficiency anemia, and have begun to juice. My prayer is for an abundant harvest that will at least supplement my juicing purchases!!

Not to mention, we live on a very tight budget! And I cannot afford to purchase organic fruits and vegetables, even though I know they are better for you. However, if I grow my own fruits and vegetables, I can ensure how they are grown!

We are growing the bulk of our garden from seeds. However, my friend who inspired me to start my garden shared some of her plants from her garden with me. What you see here is the most recent edition. These are our strawberry plants. We have planted additional strawberry seeds as well!

When purchasing our seeds, I ordered heirloom seeds, I did not want anything bio-engineered seeds. I split them with a few of my friends, that way I could have a larger variety of fruits and vegetables for a fraction of the cost. There are pros and cons to doing this. If you find you really love something, you will probably need to order more seeds. However, I figured this would be a great way to experiment with many different things, to learn what thrived in our area.

Here is a photo of a dill plant that my friend gave me. She actually gave me enough dill plants to make 2 rows of dill plants. These are thriving and doing well! I have already been blessed by these plants. I made a dill dip just the other day, that we have been enjoying on our baked potatoes!

Anyhow, I have about half of my garden planted. We will be wrapping up our seed sowing!

Here is a picture of our garden while we were working on it this afternoon. It is not beautiful yet... Three of the beds are planted for the most part. The one that is closest, still needs the beans to be planted, we will soak those tomorrow morning and get those in the ground.

The one just behind that is the dill and romaine lettuce, as well as, onions, a few varieties. In the bed to the left of that has been planted with beets, celery, spinach and carrots.

To the right of that one, will be more lettuce and a variety of herbs. Back up in the front, next to that corner plot will have peas, peppers, eggplant and cucumbers.
And next to that will be my melons!

Along the outside of our fence.. which has been put there to keep our dog out of the garden. This will provide some shelter from our hot dessert sun and it will be aesthetically pleasing!

I am praying for God's hand to touch our garden and to bless it with an abundant harvest!!

Check back, for pictures as the garden matures!

I would love to hear from you! What is in your garden? What tips and tricks do you have that helps your garden thrive?

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