Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to Keep Your Homeschool Fires Burning

As homeschoolers we can easily hit homeschool burnout. And many times, this is the times of year that we do that. Are our children learning enough? How do you handle this problem or that. Whether you have a child that is gifted, or has special needs, or perhaps you just don't know how to teach math, or Algebra.. Where can you find help on all of these fronts, as well as, never forgetting that our focus should be on Jesus Christ?

I have often said that you should surround yourself with homeschooling books and literature. However, there is a magazine publication, that you find everything from devotionals, how to's, product reviews and unit studies and more. And that is The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

I have been a subscriber of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine(TOS) since 2005. It has been my favorite homeschool publication, since that time. I have subscribed to many publications over the years, and TOS is by far is my favorite.

I have saved all of my issues of TOS since 2005, and I have referred to them over and over. That is because this magazine is not simply a magazine you thumb through while sipping an iced tea. It is like getting a homeschool conference in a magazine.

Not only is it topical as it comes in, it is a reference worthy of the shelf space you will use to store it on!

If you can only afford to invest in one homeschool resource, I truly feel that your homeschool will benefit the most from a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

A bit of fine print.. I have served on the TOS Homeschool Crew reviewing homeschool products since the summer of 2008. No one has asked me to write this editorial, nor am I being compensated for what is contained herein. This is simply my effort to share what I feel is the best homeschool resource currently available!

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. I finally subscribed with the past winter issue and love it! I have had subscriptions to other homeschooling magazines in the past, but this one is the one I'll keep.

  2. Amen, Jennifer! When I'm talking up the magazine at conventions, I also say "I thought this stuff long before I worked for the magazine!" It's like my spoken disclaimer! :)