Friday, March 26, 2010

Today is Purple Day!!!!

As a mother of 4 children that have had to battle epilepsy and one who still battles with it today, I have never been ashamed to discuss it and the effects it has on a person and a family. However, I am keenly aware of hte stigma that is often attached to epilepsy.

Please take a moment to read my friends post on Purple Day and how it got started. It all began in the heart of a bright young lady named Cassidy!

Purple Day has not only helped raise awareness in her native Nova Scotia, they are also raising funds! Purple Day is empowering epilepsy patients and their familes world wide. Will you join us??

Thanks to the internet Purple Day is spreading.. let's help to make it worldwide. Are you wearing purple today? How can you help people understand more about epilepsy today?


  1. Hey you!
    Thanks so much for dropping my place and for this post. I really appreciate it.

    We had a great Purple Day - the Blue Jay and her friends at school raised almost $60 (and they only had 48 purple cupcakes to sell!) and her high school was bursting with purple. Kit Kat's school was also full of purple too and the little bunnies at our day care next door hopped to the tune of $72. Between that and the $80 we collected at the Mall last weekend I am pretty blown away ... my intention was never really to raise money, just public awareness.

    Anyway, thanks for the post and the support.

  2. Hey you right back!!!
    I am just now seeing this comment.. so sorry!
    That is amazing all that Blue jay and Kit Kat accomplished! I am very proud of them and you Momma Bird!!

    And you are welcome.. it was my honor!