Thursday, April 15, 2010

Technology... what a day!!

Darling daughter, child #4 is graduating from the 8th grade this year. As her and I at down on the floor to go through photos to add to her photo montage, she came across an envelope filled with negatives. Her comment was " What in the world are these?" Oh my word, that made me laugh so hard. I had recently watch a tv program where they howed a flah bulb, you know the old cube style that went on top of your camera.. and the 20 somethings that were persent, had no idea what it was!!

And on the other id eof the spectrum.. I have learned how to create the said photo montage. When my older kdis graduated 2 years ago, and even when my 3rd son graduated last year, I did not know how to do that.

It is so invigorating to know that you have the ability to create something like that. At the last two graduations, we needed teenagers to create these presentations! It has been so much fun to work on this project! And it has been a fun walk down memory lane!

My babies are all growing up!

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